The Global Religion

Happy World Religions Day! I’m sure many of you had no idea that was today, or even what it is, but every year on this day religious groups across the country and the world get together to discuss topics of dissent, points of commonality, and most importantly, peace. Because with roughly 80% of the world’s population believing in at least some form of a higher power, religion undoubtedly plays a very large role in our global relationship with each other.

Started almost a century ago, this day is designated as a method of getting groups of different religions together to work together towards creating understanding between them, and also to simply promote inter-faith initiatives towards reducing issues of poverty, hunger and violence in local communities.

Personally whatever you believe, I think it’s important to take an oath of compassion, peace, and understanding. No matter what faith you follow, those are core beliefs that you will find in each and every one of them. Icons like doves, hearts, peace symbols or laurel leaves can be incorporated onto lapel pins, lanyards, coins or embroidered patches. Taking the pledge and providing things like embroidered patches means you’re not only saying with words that you will work with all faiths to promote peace and well being, but by having that patch, you’re showing the world as well.

Symbols are powerful statements that start conversations and even revolutions sometimes. Simple embroidered patches with a recognizable icon on them can be a step towards a new non-profit, a soup kitchen, an after school program, or at least a conversation. Because we’re all in this together, and World Religion Day reminds us of that.

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