Patch it up

I’m sure at least half a dozen individuals can lay claim to this quote, but it’s very true when it was said that “It’s all been done before.” From hair styles to fashion, from music to movies, everything sees a second coming. Skinny jeans were big in the 1980’s, and they’re back in a big way now. Swing music had a resurgence from it’s origin in the 1930’s. And personal expression seems to work the same way. When I was a kid, embroidered patches were all the rage. We had them on our backpacks, on our jeans, on our jackets, everywhere. Bands, slogans, beliefs, all were stitched or ironed onto our belongings, and not always with our parents’ blessings.

And now, in the 21st century, embroidered patches are on their way back. Interestingly, their style and slogans haven’t even changed that much. They still reflect the military, religion, pacifism, or patriotism. And despite the intervening years, their purpose has not diminished, nor has their impact. Big, bold, embroidered patches make a statement, and with as many options as there are, you can make nearly any statement you want.

Who knows what’s bound to come back next? I already see neon colors and crimped hair back in the mall and on the sidewalks, so who’s to say. But I tell you, I went through my stonewashed phase, and I think I’m over it now, no matter what the fashion magazines tell me. Embroidered patches however… well, I do have a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee that a patch would fit quite nicely.

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