Stockings stuffed with care

You know, with holiday shopping at the forefront of everybody’s minds this time of year, it becomes increasingly obvious as to who is hardest to shop for. And in my case, it’s not so much a who, but a what, that I find hardest to figure out. Stocking stuffers. These gifts that are commonly crammed into an oversized sock alongside chocolate and other candy. Small items that while still desired, aren’t big enough to devote wrapping paper to.

I’m not sure why this is the hardest for me, because they should be the things you think the least about, but I guess I got one too many pair of holiday themed knee socks as a kid and now want to avoid doing that to my loved ones. I go on a quest every holiday season for stocking stuffers that actually stand a chance of being used and appreciated, and not just stuffed into a back drawer to be ignored for another 365 days. Which is where items like lapel pins or lanyards come in.

Customized lanyards are a really cool way of showing your loved ones that you’re thinking about THEM and not just what to fill their sock with. Meaningful sayings, the family name or crest, a favorite sport or musical group can all be printed or woven into customized lanyards, ensuring that not only will the gift serve as a functional item but one that makes the user smile every time they see it.

With many schools and even work places requiring photo ID, and with so many kids toting cell phones with them EVERYWHERE, lanyards that have that personal touch on them can make having to use them less of a ‘have to’ and more of a ‘want to’. With attachments to carry photo ID’s, keys, and even cell phones, everyone has a specific reason to keep them around, so this year I’m not nearly so nervous about the dreaded stocking stuffers. In fact, I’m kinda looking forward to it.

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