It’s the little things…

This last Friday our country was faced with another unimaginable tragedy out in Connecticut. A grade school in the small town of Newtown was attacked by an angry young man, and it resulted in a heartbreaking 26 fatalities, mostly children the age of six. Like I said, it was unimaginable. And yet here we are, trying to unravel the horrible details and come to terms with this new reality. But like our country always does, people from all over the nation are making their way to Connecticut to offer up whatever they can in the way of help and comfort.

One particularly unique story was of a man from PinMart’s hometown of Chicago, who headed out to Newtown this weekend with four “comfort dogs” as he called them. They were four golden retrievers who all had vests on proclaiming “pet me!” and no one who saw them needed a second request. The gentleman who had brought them explained how valuable it was to have something comforting like this during a time of tragedy, and how a small gesture, like petting a dog, could calm a person down in a way that nothing else can.

The same goes for the other small tokens that were being shared amongst the town’s residents, such as awareness ribbons and the handmade memorials that were being put up outside Sandy Hook school. The solidarity that awareness ribbons bring is something intangible and yet extremely powerful. Like petting a dog, hugging a stuffed toy, or pinning on awareness ribbons, these are all seemingly small gestures that have such a great impact.

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in last week’s tragedy, and hope that we can heal from this and come out the other end stronger.

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