“Hello, my name is”

“I survived Hurricane Sandy”, “I’m with stupid”, “I’m Team Edward”. We are a country of proclamations. We are what we live through, what we love, what we hate, what we believe. These proclamations help us distinguish ourselves from the billions of other people on the planet, and they also help us connect with others on the planet like us. These statements of fact are as much ‘us’ as our physical blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s for this reason that millions of Americans plaster their cars with bumper stickers, sport tattoos, and less drastically, wear lapel pins. Not everyone of course is eager to be an open book, but many out there really do wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or their slogans on their lapels, and I personally think that’s very brave. Because when you put yourself out there, other people are bound to respond, and you’re opening the lines of communication up when you share your beliefs right out in the open.

Whether you’re a democrat, a Catholic, Irish, gay, or a marine, if you’re proud of it, we’re proud of you for sharing it. Because this country was built on our unique differences, and even though it’s a struggle, we have to keep fighting to keep it that way.

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