Have yourselves a merry little holiday…

Tis the season. The season we tell the people in our lives that we’re grateful they are in it, and try to return the favor with gifts and well wishes. And while we’re not family persay,
with everyone who visits our website, buys our lapel pins, or works with us on custom projects, we at PinMart wanted to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Holiday!

Every year is a challenge, filled with new opportunities and also with second chances. We have new ways to celebrate, and unfortunately, but expectantly, new ways to mourn. From awareness causes to school sport tournaments, our products have helped you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish, and we’re genuinely honored to have been a part of all of your lives in some small way.

Creating custom lapel pins for family reunions, for fundraisers, for the 2012 elections, for the hurricanes and the school tragedies, we’ve seen you all through the biggest moments in your lives this year. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in on these moments with you, and we hope that you give us the opportunity to share in even more in the coming years.

Be safe this holiday season, be merry, and most of all, be yourselves. We love all the unique reasons you’ve come to us. You’ve made our year and we hope we’ve helped make yours. Happy, happy holidays.

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