Calorie-Free Holiday Recognition

Ah, tis the season. Here at the office, the kitchen, and even the main office, is becoming dangerous. Landmines are everywhere, disguised as holiday gifts. I’m talking about holiday sweet (and salty) treats. In an office like ours we’re thankful that we have such generous colleagues across the country who send us gift baskets and boxes of delectable snacks around the holiday season to thank us for another fruitful year. Really, I mean, the brownie box looks divine, and the cookie plate is good enough to, well, eat, but if you’re like me, then you probably consider taking said brownie or cookie every time you pass by, and that can cause problems for the waistline after a few dozen passes.

Not to mention, everyone has dietary restrictions and allergies, so while a fruit basket is a wonderful idea, it sometimes doesn’t get the appreciation it could. Which made me start to wonder why people don’t switch over to non-food gifts for the holiday. Something pertaining to their industry perhaps, something to remember them by. It might require a little bit more thought, but it would certainly be a nice change of pace, and it would mean nobody would have to whip out an EpiPen when they realize there are nuts in the fruitcake.

Personally, something office-y would fit the bill well. Printed desk cubes or even coffee mugs can be used again and again and will be as practical as they are personal. Pieces like the ones in our recognition collections are particularly nice if you don’t have the budget to personalize small quantities of items. They all have positive, uplifting messages on them that are sure to remind your colleagues how much you appreciate them.

Of course, while recognition collections are great, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a brownie box into the mix. I mean, what’s wrong with just one little sweet treat? Or in my case, a half dozen, and it’s only Tuesday afternoon.

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