The Halloween Vote

Yesterday was Halloween and being such, there was plenty of merriment to be had. I myself ended up at a costume party/book signing by an author who’s better known as an actor in the famous British TV show, Doctor Who, which meant that the crowd was sizable. The book is a fantasy piece, but his acting jobs also fall into the sci-fi/fantasy category and so everyone was dressed up as characters from his various TV shows, and the vibe was really festive. I didn’t have time to dress up myself but did remember to put one of my big political buttons that proclaimed “Timelords for (insert political candidate here)”, so I could be both appropriate for the event as well as the season, with the election coming up early next week.

All evening, people in extremely elaborate costumes would come up to me and praise me up and down for having such a unique button that fit both events so perfectly. I had come expecting to look like quite a pedestrian, but it appears that something unique but also tied into the event, even something simple like buttons, can make quite an impact. It ended up starting a lot of conversations, got people thinking about important political issues, and was also a humorous, costume party appropriate piece.

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to go over the top wild when you’re trying to tell someone who you are and what you stand for. And it also proves that people are multi-dimensional beings that respond strongly to two seemingly separate pieces of themselves coming together on something like political buttons. Like “Soccer Moms for Romney” or “Latinos for Obama”. Being Latino isn’t political, but many Latinos *are* political, so tying them together strikes a much more resonant chord than just “Vote Obama” or “Vote Romney”.

I doubt any “Timelords” will be voting in this election, but I know now that a lot of Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans will be!

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