Getting Pinned?

I was working this morning with a gentleman who is ordering custom pins for a number of area schools he works at. From elementary school all the way through high school, and all of them meant to be worn by both staff and students alike. They would be presented during awards ceremonies for all sorts of predetermined reasons, from attendance to GPA¬†achievements. He was very excited about the project, and pointed out that he hoped he could help bring back “getting pinned”.

Now, where I went to school, “getting pinned” was not something we ever thought to do, so I had to ask him what he was talking about, and I’ll be completely honest: I was a little bit nervous about how he would answer! But as it turns out, “getting pinned” is a sweet, time-honored tradition wherein a boy would pin his school pin onto the sweater of a girl he hoped to go out with exclusively. This not only signified to both the boy and girl involved that they were getting serious, but it also told other boys that the girl in particular was officially off-limits. I though it was a great idea!

Nowadays class rings have begun to overwhelm schools over custom pins but the tradition did not transfer from pinning to “ringing”. Which makes sense, since a ring is a relatively grown up sign of affection, something that most high school age kids aren’t ready for. Pinning may have been popular with the bobby socks and poodle skirt crowd, but it sounds like it might still have a place in modern society. At least as long as teenagers keep falling into puppy love.

So we’ll see what happens with these custom pins, but I too hope that it brings back “getting pinned”, because that would be peachy keen. Jokes aside, it would be pretty neat.

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