Eco Pins Make A Statement

Happy “America Recycles Day”! Today is a great day to go online, or even just in line at the bank or the grocery checkout, and brag about how eco-friendly you are. Or if you unfortunately don’t have a whole lot to brag about, today is the day to jump on the bandwagon. Because if ever there was an idea or organization to crumble under the peer pressure of, it’s being environmentally friendly. So get out your blue recycle bin, reassess your use of non-renewable energy, and start recycling.

And for those who are trying to spread the word about recycling, as always, we think lapel pins are a great choice to do so. As a whole, they’re pieces that aren’t likely to get thrown out and added to a landfill, and they’re also far less disruptive as an advertising method than say, a massive billboard in the middle of the countryside. But at PinMart, we have an added reason to support environmentalism with our pins: they’re eco-friendly!

All of our eco-friendly lapel pins are made from scrap metal and bi-products of other projects that get melted down and turned into these fantastic pieces we wear so proudly. They just as durable as other lapel pins, just as shiny, just as wearable. They’re just made from scraps, which means less junk metal in landfills and more messages on your lapel!

So whatever your angle is-renewable energy, organic alternatives, inner city or rural recycling programs-our eco lapel pins not only get the conversation started, they stand up for what they believe in because they’re living proof that recycling doesn’t mean settling. So get out there and save the earth, it’s the only one we have!

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