$3.50 a year to keep HIV/AIDS at bay

Saturday, the first of December, is designated as World AIDS Day. And thankfully there’s no one in my life suffering with this life-changing disease, but the statistics confirm that I’m lucky to not know anyone, as it is an unfortunately growing disease, not just in 3rd world countries, but right here in the US. Today there are an estimated 1.2 million Americans with HIV/AIDS, and that number is on the rise, up 16% from four years ago.

Now, go into places like Africa and you hear shocking statistics like 33% of communities living with and dying from HIV/AIDS, and personally, it boggles the mind. Sanitary conditions account for the large volume of cases in this country, and it is estimated that it would cost $3.50 American dollars per year to help improve an individual’s situation, decreasing that individual’s chances of getting HIV significantly. This is one of those causes that truly does come down to money, because with money comes aid, and with aid comes education and success.

Every cause is worth fighting for, but diseases like HIV/AIDS, especially in third world countries, have such feasible solutions, if we can only just raise the money. Donations from awareness ribbons can go such a long way to reducing the devastation that this disease is causing all over the world. It’s such a simple thing, buying awareness ribbons, wearing them, and telling others where to get theirs.

So on Saturday, skip that expensive latte and instead, invest in awareness ribbons for you and everyone you know. Because the equivalent of one cup of coffee can save an individual from HIV/AIDS for a whole year. Think about that.

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