The Perfect Storm

I don’t care where you are in the country, today we’re all from the East Coast. Hurricane Sandy has done what she set out to do, and that’s to cause both physical and emotional damage to the entire eastern seaboard, with states of emergency declared in both New York and New Jersey. Death tolls are being posted, rebuilding estimates are being added up and the spirit of the people in these states is being tested. And all across the country we’re feeling the after effects of this storm. For example, in Chicago today we’re told to stay away from Lake Michigan, and wind speeds are gusting at 50 mph.

It’s times like this that we prove ourselves as Americans. For all our blustering and backbiting with the elections coming up, and our prides and┬áprejudices, Americans come together like a quilt when we need to, stitched with our common spirit, unique patches pulled tight by our respect for our country and therein, each other.

And as the water recedes the donations will surely rise, as they always do. Hurricane relief will be on everyone’s tongues, and awareness ribbons will be on the lapels of all who contribute. It will actually be quite interesting to see how this attention-grabbing disaster will effect the upcoming election. It’s certainly going to change the dynamic. But regardless, we will carry on as a country like we always do.

So we at PinMart add our voice to the chorus: donate! Donate to the Red Cross, to food banks, the Salvation Army, the choice is yours. Buy the awareness ribbons that are attached to a reputable nonprofit. Wear them to remind others to donate however they can as well. But do your part. Sandy gave her best effort to tear us down, so now we need to give our best to build ourselves back up.


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