Sweetest Day – The True “Hallmark Holiday”

Sweetest Day. The jury is pretty much out on this holiday to anyone I ask. Considering how often I hear people complain that even Valentine’s Day was thought up by the Hallmark Company, I can see where there would be some skepticism. And in this case, you would be right! Sweetest Day was actually instigated by candy companies in Cleveland Ohio back in 1922. Initially they used the day to hand out boxes of candy to the poor, but inventors encouraged everyone to purchase candy and cards for their loved ones so that they could participate as well. Unlike Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day is more of a platonic holiday meant to be celebrated by siblings, families, and friends as well as just between sweethearts. Since 1922 it has be pushed year after year, but still is only widely celebrated in the Midwest.Rhinestone Heart Pin

Personally, I love having another excuse to give and receive little tokens of affection, but that’s just me. This day doesn’t have to be stressful, the gestures needn’t be extremely grand, but instead cheerful and sweet, hence the name. A box of chocolates, a carnation flower, heart lapel pin, maybe a card. Nothing over the top, nothing extravagant. Unless you were already planning on popping the question to your longtime significant other, you don’t need to panic come October that you need to pick out a ring.

And since this holiday is for anyone and everyone, regardless of your relationship status, you can have fun with it! Go out for drinks with the girls, or stay in with a movie on the couch with your mom. Exchange cards, break open the chocolates, pin on the heart pin and have fun. So whether you love or hate how Sweetest Day came to be, who doesn’t love to be reminded that you’re loved, and who doesn’t love a good box of chocolates?

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