Like A Boss

This week we celebrated Boss’ Day at work, on Tuesday. Well, I say “we” but I actually am out of the office this week so I’m speaking for everyone else, it seems. Regardless, on Tuesday we made sure to give a couple of small tokens of appreciation to our three favorite bosses and put together a luncheon so we could all catch up. And I know that some of you are thinking to yourselves that you’d never dream of thanking your boss for anything, for… well, I’m sure you all have your reasons, and I sympathize, but when you work at a job where everyone gets along, works together and respects one another, that’s cause for celebration.

I was a boss once, in college, for a coffee shop. And as a manager, I sure do wish my employees had thought to celebrate boss’ day! Not just because I like a good party, but because managing an office or owning a business is extremely difficult and truly deserves thanks, especially when it’s done well. And it doesn’t need to be a big hoopla, but should fit the tone of the office. Oftentimes just simple recognition pins can get the point across better than a grand, but perhaps impersonal gesture. But that doesn’t mean catering lunch doesn’t also help matters.

So even though I’m gone during Boss’ Day this year, I hope everyone had a great time without me and that our bosses know how much we appreciate them (well, they will if they read the blog, I suppose!). Anyone who has worked at even two different jobs knows that leadership and attitude can make or break a business, and when you run across a great boss, make sure to tell them, with a card, recognition pins, free lunch, or all of the above. Because these small business leaders are not a dime a dozen and they need to hear it! Happy Boss’ Day, everyone!

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