Is there a Physicians Assistant in the house?

Every month I scour the internet for a comprehensive list of important events, awareness causes, and general interest topics to put up on facebook, twitter, and right here on the blog. These events all get scheduled into their proper slots and are normally self explanatory, like, you know, Christmas and the 4th of July. But this week I was looking through the calendar and came across “Physicians Assistant Week”. Come again? I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea what exactly made up a physicians assistant, so it was time to do a little bit of research.

Honestly, at first I thought that physicians assistants were simply nurses by another name, but it appears this is very much not the case! PAs are actually quite close to being doctors themselves, and are in fact licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a doctor. Oftentimes they work as part of a consulting team with doctors and help diagnose and treat patients in tandem with the doctor. Which means they get into the nitty gritty, make tough decisions, and save lives.

So next week being PA appreciation week is actually a pretty big deal! Medical lapel pins are a really classy way to thank the PA in your life, whether you’re a patient or a doctor. They’re small and fit onto lanyards, look great on scrubs or even on an ID badge. It’s a small but meaningful way to not only thank PAs for all they do, but prove to them that you know exactly what they are and how hard they work! As someone who had no idea what exactly they did a few days ago, I must say I’m very grateful for them, especially now that I’m in the know!

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