“Board” at work? Try these!

Occasionally the girls from work will all get together to hang out on a Friday night. In the past we’ve done drinks and dinner, which never fails to leave us all in a great mood by evenings end, but this past weekend some of them got together for a craft night instead. It was a nice change of pace, and since they’re a creative lot, everyone was eager to get started.

The project at hand was a fabric board that would then display pictures and other pinnable knick knacks once they were complete. Everyone picked their own fabric pattern, size of board, and the ribbons that criss-crossed and would hold pictures in place eventually. By the end of the night everyone’s boards were totally unique, all colorful and ready to be brought to work and decorated.

Walking around the office this week we’ve all been admiring each other’s boards, commenting on pictures, and also checking out which lapel pins made the boards! Because the boards have some padding, the pins go in very easily and help keep pictures in place, or add more personality to the board itself. From rhinestones to rubber ducks, we’re all totally unique and boards like this allow us to bring a bit of ourselves and our home life with us to the office.

It’s neat to see lapel pins in places you don’t expect to see them. Sometimes people assume that lapel pins are for stuffy politicians or 30 years of service, but forget that sometimes you just want to put on that dragonfly pin and be, well, fabulous! And adding them to cork boards or fabric boards can be a great accessory to an already creative project. Plus, they’re small enough that you can add lots to make sure your whole personality shines through.

I wasn’t able to participate in the original craft night myself, I was out of town, but this weekend I’m making my own fabric board to bring in on Monday. And while I don’t know exactly what fabric I’ll use, or which pictures I’ll pin up when it’s done, I do know that there will be in the mix. Cause who doesn’t love a rubber duck?


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