Think Pink!

I’m doing my best to keep ahead of upcoming events. This time of year you already hear murmurs of “the holidays”, and I think that’s jump started my ambition to not get caught off-guard… again. But I can’t get too far ahead of myself so this week I’ve only been looking as far forward as October. Breast cancer awareness month, specifically.

I’ve been reminding customers that now is the time to be stocking up on breast cancer ribbons, and really, to be planning your events, if you haven’t started already. Because breast cancer awareness month has become quite a phenomenon in the last decade or so. What began, back in 1983, as a courageous push to bring this disease onto the national stage, has gone worldwide in a big way, and it all started with simple breast cancer ribbons!

Events like the 3-Day Walks for a cure helped build the interest in the cause, and exploded the amount and variety of awareness items to be bought at these events. Suddenly t-shirts, hats, shoelaces, temporary tattoos, sweat bands and much, much more appeared at these events, increasing the donations tenfold, though breast cancer ribbons were still, and continue to be, the most popular item purchased and worn during October.

Another interesting tidbit I learned in my research is the amount of buildings across the world that have taken to “going pink” during October. Huge, popular structures like the Empire State Building, the Harbour Bridge in Australia, Niagara Falls in Canada and the Tokyo Tower in Japan all switch out the light bulbs in the building to pink ones, lighting up their cityscapes at night with a bright pink glow. Breast cancer awareness has definitely gone global.

With all these reminders popping up it’s still easy to forget to stock up though, so let me remind everyone that if you’re looking to deck out your office in pink next month, or if you have your own fun run or fundraiser that you want to include breast cancer ribbons in the mix, don’t wait! The millions of women (and men) battling this disease will be forever grateful.

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