The Cancer Awareness Rainbow

We all know that October is breast cancer awareness month; indeed, it’s impossible not to notice when you see pink literally everywhere. And it’s a wonderful thing that it does exist, and to the extent that it does, because October’s push for breast cancer has raised millions and millions of dollars towards research and treatment for sufferers. But something I didn’t know about until recently was how big a month September was for cancer awareness as well.

In just one month, childhood cancer, prostate cancer, gynecological cancer, leukemia and ovarian cancer are all in the spotlight. That is a LOT of awareness ribbon pins! But for whatever reason, September is a much quieter month when it comes to fundraising and general public awareness. So I wanted to make a point of bringing everyone’s attention to it because cancer is cancer, and the cure to any form of cancer will help eradicate the many other forms it comes in, so we have to push.

In fact, wearing gold, light blue, green or orange awareness ribbon pins is bound to stir up more conversation because most of the time those causes are a mystery to the general public. Millions of people suffer from these¬†devastating¬†forms of cancer every year, and chances are, you know someone who is battling or recovering from one of them, so why not show them your support? Awareness ribbon pins not only raise funds through their sale, but honestly, they’re probably an easier way to show support than say, shaving your head in solidarity. Not that that isn’t a grand gesture, but chances are lapel pins are going to be easier for most folks to get behind.

So think about your friends and family, the struggles they’ve had, and the triumph of overcoming cancer. Then check out awareness ribbon pins that correspond with them and wear your support proudly. Because cancer awareness is so much bigger than just breast cancer.

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