Root, root, root for the home team!

I realize not everyone follows football. But at our office here in Chicago, there are a LOT of Bears fans. Which, during this time of year, tends to make me feel a little bit out numbered, since I grew up in Wisconsin and am therefore a die hard Green Bay Packers fan. So even on a random Tuesday in June I will sometimes have to defend my home team at the drop of a hat. I’ve grown a very thick skin. And tonight is one of the biggest games of the season for both the Packers and the Bears when they match off at 7:30. Are you ready for some football?

To defend against the inevitable attacks I’m going to tolerate I’ve put on one of our custom sport pins depicting Green Bay Packer supremacy. And it occurred to me that this goes on all over the country, and the world, during every sports season, and beyond. We wear sport pins as a shield as well as a source of pride. Something about wearing a pin or a jersey or hat reminds the wearer that there are others out there doing the same thing, and that there’s solidarity. There’s a psychology behind sport pins, and it works.

So whatever happens tonight, whoever wins, I know that I’ll either be celebrating or¬†commiserating¬†as part of a group, even if I’m watching the game alone, because as long as I’m wearing my sports gear, I’m part of the group. Even if I am a stranger in a strange land come football season!

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