Customer Service Appreciation Week

As far as I’m concerned, every day should be customer service appreciation day. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of wonderful people who call and email us every day who are a pleasure to talk to and work with. But it just takes one or two grumpy individuals to make an otherwise great day become well… hard work. And while these encounters are inevitable, that doesn’t mean that it ever gets easier to handle. So I’m still holding out for a year round customer service appreciation day proclimation from the president. Any day now.

But while I wait for that, I’m glad that there’s at least a week devoted to customer service appreciation, and it happens to be coming up next week. And I can say from personal experience, a small token of thanks, like recognition pins, for keeping my cool during a 45 minute computer tutorial with “Nana” down in Florida is genuinely appreciated. Or that day the shipping company lost an order of lapel pins that were being shipped next day, early AM, on a Saturday, and you had to bite the bullet and tell the customer they wouldn’t have their wedding favors on time. I could go on, but I know everyone has had to deal with this at some point in their lives. You all know the feeling.

So for all of those thankless phone calls and irate customer emails, recognition pins are a wonderful reminder that your work is not going unnoticed. And thanks to all of you that step up to the plate, answer that call and ask how you can help, knowing full well you might be about to get an earful. Because without customer service there would be no accountability, and without that we would be in a pretty rough place. So thanks to all who really mean it when they answer the phone “How can I help you?”.

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