When More is More

Most lapel pins I see are small, simple, stately items that are worn proudly on the left lapel, right over the heart. Politicians can’t be seen in public without AT LEAST an American flag lapel pin on their suit. Members of organizations like the Lions Club and the Masons have all sorts of significant pieces that they were during specific times of year in commemoration or remembrance. High school athletes fill their entire letterman’s jackets with award pins and metals. But for the most part they’re beautiful, almost dainty pieces.

A couple of days ago though, some coworkers and myself put together a wedding gift for a girl in the office who’s set to be married this weekend. We filled it with goodies to eat and drink, heartfelt sayings and decorated it in the colors she chose for her bridesmaids. After we’d put everything together though, it just felt like something was missing… but what? Ah ha! A big, beautiful rhinestone lapel pin! We found great martini glass rhinestone lapel pins to stick into the bow at the front of the basket and then it felt complete.

It just got me thinking that these bigger, gaudier lapel pins do have a place, whether it’s on your lapel, or as trimming on a gift, or even part of a creative project where you wouldn’t normally see lapel pins, such as in flower arranging, wall art, or hats and knit projects. Sometimes an unexpected, glittering pop of color is all your creative project or gift needs, and that’s where a larger, unique rhinestone lapel pins can really shine, if you’ll excuse the pun.

So don’t rule out the “ostentatious” or the “gaudy”. Sometimes, more is more, and for that, you need to think outside the box, embrace some sparkle, and make a splash.

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