The kindness of strangers

We live in a “do it yourself” world. If you go to the grocery store you’re likely to have self check outs, which I use constantly. ATM’s are “do it yourself” banks. Musicians are cutting out the record company and producing their own music via websites to raise money for creative projects. We even cut out the office all together and start businesses out of our homes through internet marketplaces. We’re extremely self-sufficient as a culture, but we still need things to rally around, and we still need support systems. For situations like that, I find that lapel pins do the trick.

When it comes to promotion, nothing sells harder than lapel pins. They work 24 hours a day after they’ve left your hand, granted they’re branded to be worn. And for those musicians trying to raise money for upcoming releases, pins can be given away as a token for donating. I’ve found that asking for donations still means giving a little bit back in return. That’s why you’ll often see vets handing out poppy lapel pins for donations made to vet programs. It’s obviously not an expensive gift, but it represents the big picture, proves the giver is a caring person, and does increase the likelihood that people will donate.

So while we’re a society filled with “do it yourself”, it’s also extremely clear that we cannot do everything alone, and that we need to embrace the collective as much as we do our self-sufficiency. And lapel pins are a great way to build that sense of community, entice groups towards action, or thank the multitudes for selfless acts.

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