Create #1 Fans

A couple of friends of mine have records coming out soon. And before you ask, no, I’m not friends with the likes of No Doubt or U2, these are local artists who love performing and recording enough, and have a loyal enough fan base, that they’ve done all the work themselves, in basements, garages, and small stages. They’ve promoted themselves with fliers on light posts, word of mouth, and facebook requests. Everything they’ve done is fully immersed in the local music scene, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not looking to make it big.

So at some point these bands, and really any small business, needs to rely on someone else to push them a little further above what their own two hands can accomplish. And in creative fields like music, or to create healthy buzz amongst a younger crowd, custom lapel pins really make a strong impact. And it’s true that these pins would not be a big hit in every situation, but when your audience is eager to get a little piece of you they can take home, and for an easy way for volunteers, employees, and supporters, to sell you when you can’t sell yourself, these little pieces are vital. When you’ve got a loyal fan base, you have your own built in marketing department, if you can properly equip them with the tools to do so, which is where custom lapel pins come in.

So while you may not find rabid teens and early 20 somethings clamoring to wear lapel pins for the newest hedge fund office opening up on your block, if you’re a starving artist, or a small business with a niche clientele who are willing to drive across town to shop at your store, thank them with custom lapel pins, and turn those loyal fans into brand ambassadors. What’s the worst that could happen? You’d have to make more custom lapel pins to give away to all your new rabid fans!!

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