Bundle up and win big

I like bundling. And I don’t mean I like getting cozy when the weather turns cold, though that’s pretty great too. When I say “bundling” I mean doing or getting more than one thing at a reduced cost, in reduced time… essentially, getting the most bang for your buck and squeezing the most out of your day. Sometimes that means carpooling. Sometimes it’s sending off that important email while you listen to voicemail. A working lunch, a manicure and pedicure at the same time. Bundling is a beautiful thing.

Another way bundling has been used recently is at just about any public gathering, be that a football game, a concert, a conference, you name it. These events have started teaming up with awareness causes that mean the most to them and letting them set up booths on site to help raise money while people gather. Be that breast cancer awareness pins being sold outside a football stadium, political awareness pins being sold before a rock show, or awareness pins being sold for after school programs during an educational conference.

It’s a great idea because when these events team up with causes that are in line with the ethics and passions of the people attending the event, the chances that the audience will donate are much higher, success much greater, and with greater ease. And when donation requests are paired with awareness pins the pull to donate is even higher.

I’m going to a concert this weekend and fully intend to keep my eyes open for bundling at the event. And if you’re part of a non-profit, keep your eyes open for sympathetic events in your area. Bundle up and everybody wins, regardless of the temperature outside!!

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