Time waits for no pin

What a week! Little league baseball tournaments are exploding this month all over the country, with thousands of boys and girls competing for honors, trophies, and the chance to be named #1. Which means that this month is also exploding with baseball trading pin requests!

I really hate having to tell potential customers on the phone that they’ve only got a couple of design options for trading pins when their event dates are right around the corner. I think it’s great that by having an American factory for our pins we can have them ready in a week, putting smiles on the faces of the little league teams and jobs back into the hands of Americans. But I just hate saying “no” or “only” to customers, which a lack of time forces me to do.

What do you need to do to make sure that when you give us a call you don’t have to hear the words “no” or “only”? Just give us a call with 5 weeks to spare before you need your masterpiece baseball trading pins, or custom pins, in hand, and then you’ll hear much nicer words, like, “anything”, “absolutely” and “affordable”! Which leads me to my other tip: time is money. The more time we have to create your pins, the less expensive they’ll be, which everyone can agree is a good deal. It’s like getting a discount just for being ahead of the curve.

So are you thinking of getting baseball trading pins for a tournament? Need something for a fundraiser? How about that awards ceremony at work in the fall? Give us a call today, because you can never be *too* early to get pins, but as this week is proving for some baseball teams: you can be too late.

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