Here comes the fashion pin

Summer means freedom. But there are still a few things you can count on during this season. Grilling out, squeezing into a swimsuit, vacations, and weddings. The latter is something that we all can count on throughout the summer, and many of us actually refrain from over committing ourselves to other adventures in light of expected wedding invitations. In fact, we have a wedding right here in the office happening next month, and we’re all excited to attend.

Thinking about weddings, one is often distracted by thoughts of the design of the day. What color will the bridesmaid dresses be? And what about the center pieces? What kinds of flowers will be in the bouquets? Well, at least that’s what I think about. And recently, a new trend has emerged: using fashion pins in all aspects of wedding design.

Wedding planners are now suggesting to unconventional brides that instead of walking down the aisle with a traditional flower bouquet, that perhaps they should consider something with fashion pins. These pins are arranged on a styrofoam shape, normally a ball, to create the same shape as a bouquet, but one with unique shapes, colors, and lots of shine.

Grooms and groomsmen are also forgoing standard boutonnieres and instead pin customized fashion pins to their lapels, normally of something specific and memorable for the bride and groom. They make a statement and also don’t wilt by the end of the night. They make great groomsmen gifts.

And when it comes to the small token gifts often given to guests at the reception, buying a few hundred custom fashion pins means that each guest leaves with something to remember the wedding by that won’t likely be lost or thrown away after the fact, and also something that doesn’t add too much to the cost of the wedding.

Fashion pins have really made a name for themselves in wedding culture. Is it something you would consider doing? It’s certainly going into my bag of tricks for the future.

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