A little pin goes a long way

Recently I’ve been on the periphery of a fight between a few mutual friends. Words have been said, bridges burned, and the aftermath has been messy and disappointing. It’s downright tragic when a person and a relationship you’ve put time and energy into and have spent years cultivating, falls apart suddenly and completely. It’s gotten me thinking about how things could have gone differently had both people just taken a bit more time to appreciate one another instead of taking that relationship for granted. The same can be said for business relationships.

Appreciation is a, well, under appreciated activity professionally. Thanking someone for a job well done isn’t a hard thing to do, but it’s often pushed aside in light of a fire that needs to be put out or a deadline that needs to be made. But how much time and money is put into hiring and training new employees to replace the ones that leave when they feel they can get more value and respect at another business place? It’s become clear, and many studies confirm it, that maintaining employees is so much more economic, as well as creating a sense of solidarity. And recognition lapel pins are the easiest, classiest way to say ‘thank you’ and build not only your brand, but confidence and loyalty as well.

Recognition lapel pins can be given out whenever, wherever, whether that’s during a monthly board meeting, at a working lunch, or just discretely placed on the desks of those who really need to know just how amazing they are. They allow you to instill what perhaps is hard to say, like how much value an individual brings to the group, how much their hard work is appreciated, how their smile every day has improved the office environment. Amazing what a pin the size of a quarter can translate.

So do what my friends are still unable to do: appreciate one another. Remind those you work with or those who work for you that what they are is vital to what the company can achieve. You’ll not only increase your bottom line, you’ll build your brand with loyalty and pride in a job well done.

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