The Discourse of Democracy

We live in a very “do it yourself” society. Gas stations are all self-serve, there are restaurants where you can grill your own steak, and car washes all offer the option of just scrubbing your wheels yourself. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to politics, voters are applying a “do it yourself” attitude to the political arena as well. Not only by writing letters to senators or participating in protests or rallies, but through personal campaigning.

2012 is an interesting year to be working in custom pins. Every other call and request I get these days is for custom political lapel pins. These citizens are not content to let other speak for them and so they come to us with their own particular concerns and we make their ideas a reality. This way, each person can create a run of pins that express just exactly what they hope to see in the coming election, and can speak directly to people who have the same unique set of concerns.

Being able to personalize the election is to the benefit of the whole political system, and not just democrats or republicans. Having citizens actively engaging in politics, in the process and the passion, can only improve our society, because regardless of what side of the aisle you land on, the desire to improve the country we love and live in is theĀ impetusĀ behind all of these political lapel pins and personal campaigns.

So if you called us up today to request customized political lapel pins, what would you have them say? What is your pet project, your biggest concern for the country and its people? Are you brave enough to put your concerns, your passions, onto your lapel and be willing to discuss them with complete strangers? As it turns out, many people are willing to do just that, and I salute you all! A rising tide raises all boats, and the more conversations (and political lapel pins!) we as a country have about our welfare, the better off we’ll be.

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