Political Swag = Democracy

Well, unless you’ve sworn off politics, which is hard to do with the 24 hour news cycle, you’re probably aware that Wisconsin is voting on a decision about whether or not their current governor will be recalled. It’s been billed as the second biggest election event of the year, outside the Presidential election this coming November. And no matter what side of fence you are on in this argument, you have to agree that this level of political, governmental involvement is refreshing.

Our country is built on movements, on affiliations, on democracy and public decision. We all have issues that we strongly believe in and are willing to fight for, and that’s what makes this country great. And this fervor builds community¬†amongst its participants that fosters a need to identify themselves, and that’s where political swag comes from. T-shirts, hats, and political lapel pins.

Just like at a football game, political organizations want others to know what they’re fighting for. And the bigger and less ambiguous, the better. It’s a celebration of belief, of determination and political lapel pins are often collected in large quantity to be shared and proudly displayed, like a coat of arms.

Today in Wisconsin, down in Madison, there are likely thousands and thousands of individuals sporting all manner of political swag, proudly, and political lapel pins are what helps keep their enthusiasm high. And while I can’t up there myself to see how it turns out, I may just put on a lapel pin myself to lend my moral support for the citizens at the front lines of democracy.

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