No time like the present

There’s something that I’ve learned over the years, and that’s that early detection can mean the difference between passing and failing, between an hour of extra paperwork and a whole day’s worth, between life or death. Catching a problem, an issue, early, can make all the difference in the world. It’s not always the easiest or most enjoyable habit to get into, be that getting a yearly physical or double and triple checking that essay you’re writing, but if you can weed out that typo or catch that cancer early, you’ve gained so much more than you’ve lost.

Consider autism awareness. It’s a highly publicized condition that everyone has heard of, mostly in the spring when autism awareness products are featured everywhere. And this is a wonderful thing, getting the word out about the condition, to provide information on groups that you can join to discuss autism with others who also cope with it, and to help raise money towards autism research. But I’ve noticed that a lot of this publicity occurs outside the hospital, and does not seem to target mothers of new babies.

It’s never something you want to discuss with a new mother: “Here are the diseases your baby could have”. I know. But autism is often undetected for years with children, which leads to lots of stress, frustration and fear on both the parents’ and the child’s part. How much time an distress could be avoided if new mothers were provided with autism awareness products attached to literature on what to look out for with an autistic child? To bring the family out of the dark sooner means they can begin the adjustment more quickly and start living their lives again.

However autism awareness products are used, you can’t go wrong. They’re great for fundraising, they’re good to pass out to folks with information on groups and meetings so parents and children can discuss tips and trials, and they’d be wonderful tools to promote a proactive approach to the condition. I just wish as a kid someone had handed me a “do your homework” promotional product to keep me from getting grounded for that C I got in Algebra back in high school.

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