30,000 and Counting

Just recently I read an article about the man who holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for largest collection of lapel pins. As of printing, he was 30,000 pins strong, and growing! Who knows, he could be well on his way to 40,000 at this point! He started back in the late 1990’s, and if my math is correct, has had to collect roughly 6 pins a day every day to get to where he’s at. Now that’s dedication!

In his collection, which spans purchases in over 80 different countries, are a large number of pins depicting American presidents, Lions club trading pins, American political lapel pins and American state pins. He said that in his whole collection, those are his favorites, and they are by far the most readily available pins out there. Considering his home is in India, I can only imagine what his shipping charges must be to have them delivered from anywhere in the USA!

All in all, I think that’s an amazing accomplishment, and definitely something worth sharing. By starting his collection of lapel pins he’s gotten to visit other countries, has made friends all over the world who also trade and collect pins, and has gotten him a fair amount of┬ánotoriety. Of course, his love is for the pins, not the attention that they bring, but they seem like pretty great side effects.

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