Thank You

And it is finally May! The month that spring becomes official. The month that many kids complete their school year, or even more importantly, their school career. Mother’s day, nurse’s week, and yeah, Cinco de Mayo. But most importantly? This month is National Military Appreciation Month. And at PinMart we’ve been preparing for it for a couple of months now, building up an impressive collection of military lapel pins.

The pride that members of the military feel towards their service, and their comrades, cannot be measured. I take calls from vets every day who all have their story, their moment if you will, and they’re all looking for that one lapel pin that represents that period in their lives. For this reason, we’ve worked very hard to create unique, beautiful military lapel pins that don’t always mean something to everyone, but mean everything to a small group of people.

From the Air Force’s Flying Tiger lapel pins, to the Army’s Green Berets, to the Navy’s Seabees, our collection is varied and extremely personalized. Because we know that not every vet wants to have to go through the process of getting pins special made for them, normally at a greater cost to them. Instead, we bring the custom pins to them, because in the grand scheme of things, it’s the least we could do.

So this month, whether you’re thinking about those in your life who are veterans of past wars, or you’re keeping your son, daughter, husband or wife, in your thoughts as they continue to serve our country from all over the world, check us out and see if we have the military lapel pins that will help you and your loved ones share the pride and hope you have for those who give so much for us. We at PinMart are so grateful for all that our service men and women do, and we wish you all a very happy Military Appreciation Month!


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