It’s the Environment, Stupid!

So today is National Bike to Work Day. Personally, I live far enough away from work, and need to take busy enough roads that unless that bike had the word “motor” in front of it, I was not going to be able to participate. But there are a lot of cities in the USA that are starting to see the benefits of adding bike lanes to roads, improving sidewalks and creating bike trails through city centers and winding back into the subburbs. To steal a phrase: it’s the environment, stupid!

So while I couldn’t bike to work today, I did put on one of our ecofriendly lapel pins as a way of at least raising some awareness about the environment, even if I couldn’t reduce my carbon footprint this very morning. And that’s the beauty of a lapel pins: They let you stay involved when you can’t actively participate in every event. Be that political, environmental, social, pins start conversations, and conversations make up minds, and that starts the chain reaction towards change and empowerment.

So even if you don’t have a handy bike trail you can take to work every morning, you can still wear ecofriendly lapel pins to start a conversation about what else can be done to help the environment, or to remind someone who does have that bike path near them to grab their helmet and bike to work the next time there’s a sunny day.

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