It’s Never Too Late to Thank A Teacher

Another school year is coming to a close, and as someone who isn’t too far away from her school days, I can remember all too clearly just what a relief it is to see the year winding down, to know you’ve survived! But as hard as school can be, at any age, we all have the memory of at least one teacher who broke through and really taught us something. Sometimes they made a particularly hard subject fun and interesting. Perhaps they showed you a path that turned into a career. Or maybe they just taught you to love learning. Whatever their contribution, we were and are all shaped by the teachers we’ve had throughout our lives, and this week is the week we make special note to recognize those teachers.

National Teachers Week is a great opportunity to thank teachers past and present for all the hard work they do keeping us on track and getting us through the difficult times. They’re educators, mentors, friends. And I wish I had known about recognition lapel pins back when I was younger because I know a few teachers who would have certainly received them this week.

An apple on the teacher’s desk is a nice touch, a thoughtful gesture, but what about presenting your favorite teachers with recognition lapel pins in the shape of a shiny gold apple? It’s a gift that won’t go bad, and will remind them, on the days that they feel they the least appreciated, that in fact they are. It’s a gift that reminds these educators that they do matter, despite the struggles they also face coming to class every day.

This week is not just for current students looking to recognize the important teachers in their lives: it’s for anyone who felt their life was enriched and improved through the help and nurturing of a teacher. Consider taking a couple of recognition lapel pins over to your old high school, and perhaps get in touch with your old professors. They will be just as glad to receive recognition 5, 10, or 20 years later as they would be receiving it from a current student. It’s never too late to say thank you, and teachers are one of the greatest gifts we receive throughout our lives. Happy National Teachers Week!

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