Go for the gold!

The warmer the weather gets, the more fliers I see up for 5Ks, 10Ks, marathons, etc. Some of them for the fun of the run, centered around the participants, and some of them are to benefit a cause, from cancer to animal shelters. But the sheer quantity of these upcoming runs was rather amazing, and exciting!

Personally I’m only doing one run this summer-so far!-and that’s the Warrior Dash. This isn’t your typical 5K: there is barbed wire, mud, obstacles, and yes, even walking over hot coals. So it’s not so much how fast you get done, but whether you finish at all!!! Regardless, when the run is particularly difficult, from the length to the course itself, the participants feel as if they’ve overcome something, achieved something, and they have. And while medals are only normally given out to the quickest and most impressive runners in the bunch, I think it would be great to get commemorative recognition lapel pins to take home with me!

Most runners save their number bibs, the tags they wear when running to help organizers keep track of who finishes when. We pin them up in our room, in our offices at work, the man cave, or even frame the particularly memorable ones. And what a great way to hang your bibs: with the corresponding recognition lapel pins! I’m surprised they don’t do it more.

So are you participating in a run this summer? Know someone who is? Or someone who’s organizing one? Consider mentioning recognition lapel pins to them, because from a runner’s point of view, it would be a great memento from the day!

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