Caution: Safety Month is June!

Safety. We walk into our offices every day and are confronted with various safety precautions to help keep you safe throughout the day. Exit signs that are lit up and clearly marked. Fire extinguishers hanging on walls and stored in all areas of the building. Protective gear is provided to workers who require it for their occupation. We take these measures for granted and spend our work weeks feeling secure of our health and safety. But that wasn’t the case before 1970!

Before that time businesses and even the government were more concerned with industry and productivity than they were with safety. It was only when unions and individual committees pushed the issue for long enough that laws were passed and OSHA was introduced. In the two years previous to OSHA being installed, upwards of 2 million workers in America were injured on the job due to a lack of safety requirements, so I would say we were in need of some change!

Nowadays we take safety precautions for granted. Which is why installing a safety program in your office or business is such a great idea. When speed is valued over safety, bad things will continue to happen, even with OSHA. So putting incentives in to reduce safety violations, like having awards ceremonies and giving out safety lapel pins to successful safety campaign participants, can help keep safety in the minds of employees.

So if you’ve noticed that rules about safety have been treated laxly in your office and you’d like to bring safety back to the forefront, think about using safety lapel pins to raise awareness, handing them out as a reminder that we all benefit when everyone is healthy and working, and to follow procedures designed to keep everyone on their feet and productive.

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