A Mother’s Love

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m heading to my childhood home and for a visit with my mom for Mother’s Day weekend. I try and get up there every month or so, regardless of holidays or constraints, but this weekend is obviously special. Everyone like’s to think that their mother is the best one out there, and I’m sure there are lots of amazing ones, but I think mine is in the top five at least.

On weekends like this, when flowers are bought and gifts given, it strikes me how hard it is to come up with a gift or token that adequately represents the gratitude I feel for this woman who raised and nurtured me, and who continues to do so. How do you express thanks for someone who’s literally brought you into the world and kept you safe in it? The answer is: there isn’t anything to really truly do that. So my suggestion: something small, sweet, and heartfelt to maybe crack the surface of your appreciation: rhinestone lapel pins.

These pieces are bright, eye catching, and beautiful. They are the jewelry equivalent of a small child holding their arms apart to show their mother how much they love them. Rhinestone lapel pins are a symbol, a reminder, that the love you share with your mom shines bright as the sun and is as beautiful now as it was when you were very young.

So don’t wrack your brain trying to come up with something that is as big or encompassing as the love you feel for you mom: give her one of many beautiful rhinestone lapel pins to treasure on the day, and spend every day before and afterward showing her what that lovely piece of jewelry represents. Thanks to all the mothers out there: we love you!



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