You Are Here.

Driving to work today I found myself stopped at a stoplight and looked at the other cars to my left and right. Instead of being awash in a sea of Illinois license plates, I was instead faced with plates from Ohio, Wisconsin, and Mighigan. And now that I think of it, seeing out of state tags has become more and more common in recent years.

I’m not sure if the economy has dictated that people relocate to different parts of the country for work, or if these are mere visitors, but crossing borders is something that we do quite often in our lives, and we think little of it. But what if we paid more attention? What if we kept track of where we’d been, for business as well as pleasure? And if you were to keep track, how would you do it? A list? How about state lapel pins?

With more and more people using pages like Pinterest to share DIY ideas and fun creative projects, it appears that unique, personal decorations are definitely on the rise. I envision a large cork board with places for each of the 50 states, and even other countries, mapped out. As you go through life and see all the wonderful places this country has to offer, you can get new state lapel pins to add to your growing collection of places you’ve been. Keep building it and use the visual reminder as a means to motivate you to never stop exploring.

And hey, if you’re not a world traveller yourself, consider giving state lapel pins away to friends and family who do. It’ll be a great “going away” present, or a cool way to surprise someone with a trip. Imagine giving your six year old a Florida state pin as a way of telling her she finally gets to go to Disneyland? The possibilities are endless, and the things to see in this great world are just as vast. Don’t just sit there: explore!


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