Wear your heart on your lapel

All the news stations are split lately between politics and the recent slaying of an African American teen named Trayvon Martin. It’s a tragic case, no matter what the circumstances are, and my heart goes out to his family and the whole community that’s been shaken up by the death. It has also brought up a concept of race, of equality, and how far we’ve come from the days of civil rights back in the 1960’s, and that of course brings to mind Martin Luther King Jr and his work. Tomorrow will be the 44th anniversary of his equally unfortunate murder.

It’s so sad that we still live in a world with so much unrest and misunderstanding. Thousands of people are marching all over the country to remind everyone about equality and how the push for that ideal is still a work in progress. In watching all this news coverage I kept seeing message lapel pins on the collars of shirts, on hoodies  or suit jackets, and saw the importance of making a stand.

Whether it’s political, social, or economil: lapel pins make a statement, and give people insight into who you are without you ever having to say a word. It’s empowering to think that just wearing a dove lapel pin, a rainbow pin, or a red, white, and blue elephant pin can speak volumes about you to others, and further your cause. They can reflect your individuality, or show solidarity with a larger organization. Truly, there’s nothing a lapel pin can’t do when it comes to image and intention.

So what do you believe in? Do you believe in it enough to share it with the world? To wear your your heart on your sleeve (or lapel)? It’s not a safe thing to do, but it can start a conversation about a difficult and important topic. It can tell someone you don’t know that you are on the same side of a contentious issue. It can remind us all to keep pushing for what we want to see happening in our world. All inside a penny-sized piece of jewelry: a lapel pin.

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