It’s EASY being green!!

This Sunday is Earth Day. This is a movement that started back in the 1960’s, when questions of sustainability and alternatives to old ways of doing things were first seriously¬†brought into question. Issues like recycling, pollution from cars and factories, and deforestation, amongst other things, became national issues that started a country-wide conversation that’s still going on today. And while big gestures, such as getting a hybrid car or installing solar panels on your house are fantastic, there are smaller, less expensive means of doing your part this Earth day, and everyday afterwards.

The first and the easiest thing to do is to start the conversation about going green with coworkers and friends that you think could benefit from doing a little bit more. Wearing something like an eco lapel pin is a fun way to spread the word, either by wearing one yourself or by handing them out to people you want to strike up a conversation with. They’ll benefit from the conversation, and the pin will be a constant reminder to do their part.

Other than eco lapel pins, there’s recycling, and using products that have themselves been made from recycled material. Where and when you can, use reusable alternatives to disposable items (like plates and cloth napkins instead of paper plates and paper napkins). Turn off all electronics when you’re not using them, conserve water with high efficiency shower heads, and wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot where and when you can.

These are just a couple of the thousands of things you can do to help the environment this Earth Day. And hey, another benefit to our eco lapel pins, besides raising awareness? They’re all made from post-industrial materials that would otherwise have been discarded! So get out and start that conversation: mother earth will certainly thank you, and so will your children’s children’s children, down the road.

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