100 years ago today…

100 years ago a relatively famous ship was sailing through the cold Atlantic ocean, carrying 1500 + people from every walk of life, all headed for New York, returning to their home or to start a new life. The Titanic. An experiment in luxury, technology and what many thought was representitive of the new century, the modern century. That is, until it became the most famous and arguably the most tragic ship wreck in maritime history.

What I find interesting in hearing about this ship and the 100 years of exploration that have been conducted since its sinking is what divers pull up from the ship itself. Something as simple as a chipped tea cup or a rotting lace-up boot are suddenly thrust into the realm of treasured artifact. Among the artifacts is jewelry, certainly lapel pins, and for some of the passengers, that’s all that remains of them from the wreck. It gives you perspective to think that you could be forever represented by a small trinket like a pin.

Take a look at what you’re wearing today: anything of note that would sum you up if the unexpected happened? It’s a morbid question, I’ll grant you, but to a lessor degree we do it every day with people we meet-size them up on first glance and form an opinion, tragedy or no.

So even if you don’t wear jewelry, even if you have a uniform, or just a non-descript suit, consider lapel pins to put a little bit of yourself into your appearance: the smallest pin can say a lot about you to those you meet.

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