Join the Party with Holiday Lapel Pins

I love holidays. They take an ordinary week and make it special, they’re an excuse to give gifts or have a great meal with those you love. They mean parties, chocolate, music, laughter. They also normally dictate certain dress codes as well. And while dressing up can be fun, having clothing and accessories that are only really wearable one day a year can really put the squeeze on my closet at home.

So I wonder: what if instead of buying yet another reindeer sweater or pair of St. Patrick’s Day socks, why not stock up on holiday lapel pins? They’re the perfect addition to any holiday, big or small. They’re colorful, recognizable, classy, and fun, everything that you want in holiday apparel without taking up room in your closet. And you can never outgrow lapel pins, unlike some of those holiday sweaters collecting dust under your bed.

Another bonus with holiday lapel pins is that they’re unobtrusive enough, and diverse enough, to cover holidays you might not otherwise have commemorated in any real way. Days like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, or even Thanksgiving. With lapel pins you can pay a small tribute to every holiday of the year, start some conversations, and maybe even give some of these pins out to friends for upcoming holidays.

So donate all those ugly Christmas sweaters and that crazy Halloween tie and instead just stock up on some unique and festive holiday lapel pins! Save space, celebrate more!

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