Get a “Spring” on Awareness Ribbons

Spring has SPRUNG here in Chicago. Every morning on my drive to work I marvel at the magnolia trees blooming, the grass greening, I’ve even spotted a few dandelions! Everything seems to be blooming and growing so much earlier than usual, and I personally couldn’t be happier about it! It got me thinking about timing, and how I wish I could always be as prepared in advance for the projects I have set up for myself. What a relief it would be if I never waited until the last minute to complete a task.

I see this all the time working with awareness ribbons. Every day it seems, honors another cause, and even with our awareness calendar to keep everything straight, it’s still extremely easy to get behind and end up scrambling at the last minute, which is not only frustrating, but can cost more money to rectify. So why don’t we all just do like the weather does: get a jump start!

I know it’s still over six months until October, when breast cancer awareness explodes, but what if you had all of your awareness ribbons already purchased and waiting patiently for the season to start? The beauty of this sort of thing is there’s no expiration date on pins, so there’s no reason not to stock up early and never panic at the last minute ever again.

So take a look at our awareness calendar today, make a game plan of what needs to be canvassed throughout the year, and buy all of your awareness ribbons today. You’ll be cool as a cucumber come the time for your awareness events, and that’s not only smart, it just feels good.

We can’t plan ahead for everything, but why not get a “spring” on the things that you can? Mimic our weather and get your awareness ribbons today, then, go out and enjoy this gorgeous weather.

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