Finally… an Awareness Calendar!

I’ll be honest with you all: sometimes I can’t remember what I wore yesterday, much less the date or, rarely, the day! I think we’ve all woken up and thought it the weekend when instead it was only Thursday, or inversely, jumped up from a sound sleep thinking you’re late for work on a Saturday? We’re all guilty of it. And unfortunately, I don’t have a cure for remembering  if you turned off the coffee maker before you left the house, but I do have a way of keeping track of something much more important: awareness causes.

Recently, PinMart released a full 12 month calendar listing all awareness causes and holidays throughout the year. Finally, by just checking in with us every week or so, you can remember to put on that crimson dress on Wear Red Day, or to attach your shamrock lapel pin on St. Patrick’s Day. It will also be helpful to nonprofits, companies and clubs who work to support certain causes. Knowing what’s coming up in the next month means getting your order for pins in in plenty of time and not having to worry about being left empty handed on your big days.

So check it out here and never be left out of the loop with awareness causes ever again! Now if they could only do that for things like your in-laws birthdays and when the recycling gets picked up, am I right?

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