Custom Heir Looms

Over the weekend I was working on some genealogy, a hobby of mine. It’s amazing to see generations unfolding before you, watching the clock tick back and seeing the infancy of America laid out like a road map. Along with names and dates there would occasionally be a will or estate document, and what they valued was quite interesting. Tea kettles, kitchen chairs, bed clothes, and complete sets of silverware were highly valued at one time. Another not so surprising valuable was jewelry, though they normally had precious little of it. And while I didn’t run across any specific mention of lapel pins, I did get to thinking about heir looms and how they might fit into that category.

Custom lapel pins can be used for more than just corporate events or fundraisers. They also make great pieces to hand out at a family reunion, a wedding, or other family gathering. With names and dates on them, they can become one link in your family chain, and something that can be passed down or added to throughout the generaitons.

In today’s disposable society, heir looms are becoming increasingly scarce, and custom┬álapel pins are a great way to revive that tradition. They’re small, they work just as well on a man as they do on a woman, and they’re timeless. Plus, they can be as unique as your particular branch on the family tree, which is something that generations down the line would truly appreciate.

So consider custom lapel pins for your next family gathering. It will take them by surprise and will be something they treasure and hand down to their children’s children’s children, one day.

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