Motivate and Reward Your Students with Pins

Use pins as a method for improving your student’s behavior, and as a motivator to encourage them. At times, finding the right approach that reaches out to
children and motivates them to do well is challenging. However, it is up to us
to be strong and continue to guide them down the right path. Rewards are a
great way to encourage them to improve their behavior, and to keep them pushing
to do their best.

Almost everyone is familiar with the’star method’ often used in the education field. For those who do not know, kids go absolutely crazy over these stars that we probably wouldn’t blink twice at. In a nutshell, the instructor has a board of some sort with all of the student’s names displayed on it, and whenever a student is seen doing something good, they are rewarded with a star.

In the beginning stages of implementing the star method, educators will notice that students end up bending over backwards to do something that will get them a star. However, the key is not to give a star out for just doing a kind act for the sake of getting a star, but to reward those who genuinely do something nice or show improved performance.

While you do have to put bad behavior in check, sometimes we concentrate so much on the negative aspects that we forget all the good that children do. The star system is a way to show kids that you do notice their efforts and it encourages them to put their full
potential to use.

If you think they go insane after seeing some stickers plastered on the board wait until you try motivating them with a Gold Star Pin. With pins you have a tool that will keep your classroom in order and your students constantly aiming for the stars.

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