Look Fabulous With Fashion Pins

Look Fabulous with Fashion Pins

With little effort on your part, fashion pins can be used to give that old purse of yours a new look, or they can turn that dusty blazer in the back of your closet into a trendy stylish item. The possibilities for creating new designs with fashion pins are endless. You are only limited by the restrictions of your own creativity.

Some Ideas:

An elegant clutch for a night on the town– After a while, wearing the same thing every time you go out gets tiring. When we go out for a night of fine dining or dancing, it gives us a break from the ordinary. So why not look as spectacular as you can when you go out? Perhaps your clutch could use some sprucing up and the right fashion pin may be the answer to your dilemma. A Fleur de Lis lapel pin or a rhinestone pin in the center of your purse is an easy way for you to jazz things up a bit, and look great doing it.

Give your blazer a sassy makeover– Sometime s even though we might have a nice outfit on, we tend to feel like something is missing. We need that extra touch of glitz and glam to add some variety to our apparel, and a fashion pin is a great way to accessorize.

Quick Tips:

• Make sure you blend well; pins or brooches mesh best with solid colors rather than prints. (This also makes them stand out more as well)
• Pay attention to the design of the apparel- does it have gold trimming or silver? You will want to match your pin up with it accordingly.
• Don’t go overboard with the amount of pins you place on your clothing items. Remember, less is more.

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