Celebrate Your Travels with State Pins

State pins are a great way for you to showcase and celebrate all of the different places that you have had the pleasure of experiencing. Traveling gives us a break from our everyday routine; it surrounds us with beauty, and a brand new cultural experience. Most of us get to only experience this joy for a brief time, and having a memento to look back on can make all the difference.

Create a wall unit display

Wall units offer the benefit of providing your pins with a home that will protect it and they serve as beautiful decoration for your home. Occasionally we all make the mistake of
misplacing things, so in order to avoid scrambling everywhere to find your pins, having them all in one secure place will eliminate this issue.

How you organize them is up to you. You can choose to situate them by color, the order in which you visited each state, or you can go in alphabetical order. Choose whatever system works for you, and has the most aesthetic value.

Pin Display Case

Use a pin display case to have a place for your pins to hang on to.  Simply place them in the foam back and you are good to go. You can keep the case inside of a trophy case or you have the option with some display cases of hanging it on your wall.

Celebrating your travels with pins may also serve as a way for you to meet all your travel destination goals. Whether you are aiming for all 50 states or your own personal plans, take pride in your travel experiences.

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