Brand Yourself with Custom Lapel Pins

If you have a product or a service to sell, you represent a brand. Your brand. You, what you do, or what you have. Whatever it is that you’re selling, how do you distinguish yourself from others who are selling/doing the exact same thing? Obviously price is a factor, and proximity, but what if those are tied with other local vendors? What makes you you?

Your brand is the feeling you inspire, the demographic you cater to, the heart of why you do what you do and sell what you sell. And I find that no matter what that product is, custom lapel pins can help you brand yourself and carve out that niche that causes consumers to take a second look at you.

Different custom lapel pin processes can help you make that distinction for your customers. Is your clientele highly refined, distinguished, and used to the “gold standard”? Go with a die struck lapel pin, something in gold plate with a high polish and a simple, bold phrase or image that they can wear with just about any suit or sweater. Or how about companies trying to get a hold in the 20-something market? Consider a digitally printed pin. Something with a colorful design, something off-beat, or with a unique shape and kitschy phrase. Individuality is key.

Perhaps you’re giving pins to your employees to wear when they go out amongst the public: go with a cloisonné. They’re the perfect combination of vibrancy and high quality, being jewelry grade and yet versatile so your logo doesn’t get lost in translation.

Branding yourself is a big deal, and something that you need to keep a constant eye on. But once you’ve settled into something that sells you, custom lapel pins will let you share a little bit of your brand with all of your favorite clients. Send them in a thank you letter, share them at an event, or decorate your employees and be your brand.

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