Veteran’s Day reminds us of the real heros!

Every year at this time, patriotic and military pins are dusted off and worn prominently to commemorate Veteran’s Day. It’s nice to see attention brought specifically to the troops themselves, the front-liners who literally put their lives in the direct path of those who wish to do us harm. It reminds me how amazing these folks are, and how much we owe them as a country.

Right now in America there are upwards of 21 million vets from World War II all the way up to recent missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and everyone one of them was and is vital to our country’s safety and prosperity.

So it’s one of my favorite experiences in November to hear stories from people who purchase Veteran’s Day pins and military pins from us so they can hand them out at their schools, their churches, at local events and even to strangers on the street. The simple act of recognizing a vet with a military pin can remind them that their country is proud of them, grateful and supportive. During the hard days of acclimating to civilian life again, knowledge of a support group makes all the difference in the world. So a hearty Thank You to all of our vets: you are our heroes.

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